Short- term Goals

  • Follow educational leaders on Social Media to be fed constant helpful reminders and new tips
  • Practice using new digital technology in my lessons at least once ever semester (creating new PowerPoint, using a new app, finding a helpful website to help students learn)
  • Find apps and websites to use for studying for my Praxis II In PE and Health and pass the test
  • Finish the Teach now Program
  • Receive my full teaching license in Washington DC but also in Guam

Medium term Goals

  • Attend at least one conference every year to enhance my knowledge as a PE teacher.
  • Become certified as a lifeguard and in a CPR training, and sports related injuries like concussions
  • Gain experience and knowledge of other sports that I am not yet as comfortable with yet
  • Develop a solid PE curriculum for my current school to use in future years

Long term Goals

  • Complete a masters program in Physical Education or Sports Administration
  • Be qualified to be hired as an Athletic Director for High Schools and Universities
  • Establish a solid PLN with former colleagues and classmates

1.     One goal I have is to follow educational leaders on social media who will be able to present me with information for becoming a better teacher. I hope to get new ideas for my classes as well as reminders of important characteristics of how I may be successful as a teacher.

2.     Following through with my first goal can help me reach my second goal of incorporating a new lesson every semester using digital technology.  This could be creating a new power point to teach a certain topic, or finding a new app/website that my students can use to learn.

3.     Attending at least one conference/event every calendar year to help me grow in knowledge as a teacher. Especially now that I am starting to teach PE there are several things I feel I should learn. I should take a CPR class, learn how to be a lifeguard so I can teach swimming, as well as continuing to sharpen other skills that all teachers need in a classroom.

4.     In five years from now I hope to have spent time with experts or professionals in at least twelve different sports that I may teach through my PE teaching career. This could be done casually through just making an acquaintance, through my participation in a new sport, or attending an even like a game to learn more about it. My school does not offer hardly any professional development in my field, but with a free summer I know there are conferences and events that I would be able to afford and have the time for.


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