Online Personal Learning Network


I am currently a Middle School Social Studies Teacher at St. Augustine Catholic School in Washington, DC. As a relatively new teacher, I am looking for new ways to increase the effectiveness of my instruction. I am particularly interested in new instructional methods, resources, and activities that will enhance a digital classroom.


  • To access and aggregate resources related to

teaching and learning in the digital age classroom.

  • To increase my knowledge of tools, topic, and trends utilized in 21st century classroom in order to improve as an instructor
  • To pass along the information I collect to others
  • To develop professionally through collaboration
  • To access new techniques and activities for use in the classroom from a variety of sources in order to increase the effectiveness of my instruction.


  • Constitution Happened Here: I worked on this project while at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia and think that it would be a good Project Base Learning approach to teaching Local History:


  • iCivics: A web based resource with games and lesson plans for teaching civics:
  • Smithsonian: Digital collection of Smithsonian artifacts. Great for using primary sources to teach history: