Scenario#1: High school/ Middle School Social Studies (grades 7-12) classroom: 25 students

1. Student is hearing impaired: Content – Teachers should avoid audio heavy content. Music, speeches (unless available in print), and other audio content could provide a challenge for hearing impaired students.

2. Student has ADHD: Process – Lessons should incorporate some form of movement or physical activity. Student should be given the opportunity to learn and demonstrate knowledge with short kinetic activities.

3. Student has a reading disability: Product – Student should be allowed to produce work that does not heavily rely on a written product. Evaluation can be done verbally or with images crated by the student.

4. ELL Students - 1 at the Speech Emergent Stage, 2 at the Intermediate Fluency Stage, and 2 at the Advanced Fluency Stage: Learning Environment - The classroom should reflect the inclusive environment of the class. The cultures of these ELL students should be respected and seen as an educational opportunity.

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