by Jeffrey Kirk Long

When focusing on Reading strategies or techniques, it all boils down to comprehension. There is an approach called the “Great Eight”. It has eight bullet points that each help the students understand what they are Reading on different levels. The eight are as follows:

1.         Monitoring-has to do with asking yourself if what they read “makes sense” and if it doesn’t,what to do about it.

2.         Previewing-getting to know about the text and seeing if the student has any background knowledge or the piece and knowing its purpose.

3.         Self-Questioning– creating questions along the way while reading

4.         Making Connections-relating what they are reading to their personal experiences or what they know of the world.

5.         Visualizing –imagining or creating a picture in their minds of what they are reading

6.         Knowing HowWords Work- when unknown words come about, making use of context clues and how words are structured to know what they mean

7.         Summarizing- breaking the text down and taking the main idea and supporting details to be able to summarize the material.

8.         Evaluating-creating a judgment towards what they have read.

Contributed by: John Doyle

Role Play Reading -

To make reading student centered there are many different techniques and games. Role Play Reading is just one of the many different ways to make reading fun and student centered. For this strategy, students are put into small groups and given the task of role playing what they read. They must come up with parts for each group member. Then they are required to prepare to present the role playing to the class. As they practice their parts and get ready to present, they are working together to formulate a plan to complete the activity. This approach puts reading practice in the hands of the students in the group. They must work together to make sure everyone is reading correctly and everyone has a part of the story to read. It is important to make sure you provide students with appropriate story books that allow them to divide characters amongst themselves. Not only is this activity student centered, but it also adds kinestetic learning techniques.

Freeze Reading -

Freeze reading is a technique I developed for my primary students in Myanmar. It is an easy fun way to make reading fun and student centered. For this activity you have students make a train While holding their books. Once they are ready one student gets to begin the game by reading the paragraphs in a silly way. Next the students in the train must walk around the classroom while reading the same paragraphy as the first student. At any time the first student can say FREEZE! The first person to freeze I place gets to become the new leader. This game is a fun way for students to work together while reading. It is also a good way for the teacher to formatively assess the students individual while they work in a group.


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